A non-exhaustive list of the longform stories and interviews Demkiewicz has developed by working closely with a woman or non-binary writer.

"'Cosmopolitan' Rules to Live By" (literary criticism), Ann Mayhew

"Have You Tried Turning it Off and On Again: Solving Tech's Biggest Issue" (technology + discrimination), Anna Meyer

"Feminist Makerspaces: Making Room for Women to Create" (women- and non-binary-led initiatives), Amanda Reed

"STEM Over Storytelling: An Immigration Story" (coding, literature + immigration), YZ Chin

"Empowered by Anime" (anime, culture + Asian-American experience), Crystal Duan

"The Power of Diversity in Office" (politics + inclusion), Alyse Burnside

"Leila Abdelrazaq Draws Social Justice Movements" (graphic novel + diaspora + Palestinian-American experience), Nadia Eldemerdash

"Saving Irvington" (gentrification + neighborhoods), Caitlin Dwyer

"Whose 'Empowerment'?" (international aid + feminism), Meghna Ravishankar

"The Connection Between Microaggressions and Mental Health for PoC" (race + education), Chelsea Candelario

"Waiting in Line: Undocumented Students Fight for Protection" (DREAMers + undocumented rights + immigration), Chantelle Bacigalupo

"Women Who Spin" (music + DJ culture), Lianna Matt

"No Rest for the Protest" (activism + music + history), Grace Birnstengel

EDITING | photo essay

A non-exhaustive list of the photo essays Demkiewicz has developed by working closely with a woman or non-binary photographer.

"Reconnecting Chicago's Urban American Indian Youth to Their Native Roots" (Indigenous community + youth programming), Pat Nabong

"Stewardship and Permaculture at Quail Springs" (sustainable living + environment), Rita Kovtun

A small but gusty magazine by, about, and for women.
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A non-exhaustive list of the literary criticism Demkiewicz has edited while working closely with The Riveter's books editor, Ann Mayhew.

"The Canon: Books to Read in March" (2018), featuring books by Michelle Tea, Tarfia Faizullah, Mallory Ortberg + more

"The Canon: Books to Read in February" (2018), featuring books by Zadie Smith, Terese Marie Mailhot, Stephanie Powell Watts + more

"The Canon: Books to Read in January" (2018), featuring books by Mary Beard, Morgan Jerkins, Emma Glass + more

"The Canon: Books to Read in December" (2017), featuring books by Ursula K. Le Guin, Myriam Gurba, Jenny Diski + more

"The Canon: Books to Read in November" (2017), featuring books by Louise Erdrich, Jennifer Egan, Alice Waters + more

"The Canon: Books to Read in October" (2017), featuring books by Carmen Maria Machado, Andrea Jarrell, Camilla Grudova + more

"The Canon: Books to Read in September" (2017), featuring books by Jesmyn Ward, Celeste Ng, Ariel Gore + more


"Reclaim Your Time at The Coven" (women- and non-binary spaces, professional development + community), with Grace Birnstengel

"She's Not Me" (gender performance + identity + fashion + Alana Levinson) 

"Q&A with Amy Schellenbaum, Digital Editor of 'Travel & Leisure'" (travel writing + editorial + trends)

"Q&A with Mona Eltahawy, Author of 'Headscarves and Hymens'" (Middle East + sexual politics + nonfiction)

"Q&A with Zinzi Edmundson, Editor of 'Knit Wit' Magazine" (textiles + magazines + women-run)